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Since the North Carolina lift on masks, our office is easing our restrictions as well.  However, our office takes all virus and illness threats seriously. In helping to keep ALL illness transmission at a minimum, we are doing the following:

  • Our waiting room is open now for patients only at limited capacity.  The patient will be allowed into the suite with one guest. Children are allowed one parent during the visit.

  • Patients are  asked to rinse with a hydrogen peroxide rinse, shown in some studies to kill viruses on the surface of oral tissues. 

  • UV sterilizer in use to protect all surfaces beyond what spray disinfectants can achieve.

  • Air purification of all the air in the suite to ensure fresh circulating air with 99.7% bacteria and viruses removed. 

While not all of these things are proven, we are going beyond the minimum guidelines to ensure everyone's comfort and safety. ​

And of course, we are following all federal and state sanitation and sterilization rules as we always have to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

We hope that for the future, we can all work together to keep each other healthy! 

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