Our office takes the COVID-19 virus threat seriously.  Right now, agencies are working to figure out exact precautions necessary to stop the spread, but we are doing the following:

  • Our waiting room is open now for patients only at limited capacity.  Only the patient will be allowed into the suite. Children are allowed one parent during the visit.

  • Temperatures are being taken on all entering the suite.  Anyone with an above normal temperature (evaluated by the machine) will not be allowed to enter. 

  • Patients are  asked to rinse with a hydrogen peroxide rinse, shown in some studies to kill viruses on the surface of oral tissues. 

  • UV sterilizer in use to protect all surfaces beyond what spray disinfectants can achieve.

  • Air purification of all the air in the suite to ensure fresh circulating air with 99.7% bacteria and viruses removed. 

While not all of these things are proven, we are going beyond the minimum guidelines to ensure everyones comfort and safety. ​

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